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ASX Event

The ASX Event Portfolio is our longest-running strategy that invests in corporate actions. It aims to identify low risk, market neutral opportunities, such as takeover arbitrage. The performance of this portfolio is significantly less reliant on the direction of the broader stock market. Opportunities can come on any day. Read more.

ASX Growth

The ASX growth portfolio suits investors who have a desire to grow their initial capital via share price appreciation. This portfolio uses both technical and fundamental analysis in a systematic way to formulate a concentrated portfolio of ASX200 stocks. Changes to the portfolio are only required once a month. Read more.

US Growth

The US growth portfolio suits investors wanting exposure to US listed shares, who have a desire to grow their initial capital via share price appreciation. This portfolio uses both technical and fundamental analysis in a systematic way to formulate a concentrated portfolio of S&P100 and Nasdaq100 stocks. Changes to the portfolio are only required once a month. Read more.

ASX Blue Chip

The ASX Blue Chip portfolio aims to generate returns from a combination of share price growth and income, by holding the largest dividend paying stocks from the ASX50, which covers the largest 50 companies by market capitalisation. Changes to this portfolio are only required once a month. Read more.

ASX Income

The ASX Income Portfolio is our lowest risk portfolio, and suited for investors looking for a steady stream of income, with less risk than holding dividend paying shares. This is achieved by holding a portfolio of hybrid securities, which typically pay distributions on a semi-annual basis. This is a relatively passive portfolio, which changes required a few times per year. Read more.

The Standard Risk Measure (SRM), is based on industry guidance and it is not a complete assessment of all forms of investment risk. it does not take into account the impact of ongoing fees, tax or the likelihood of a negative return or an investor’s personal needs and financial situation.

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MAINSTREAM SEPARATELY MANAGED ACCOUNT DISCLAIMER: Perpetual is the both the Issuer and the Responsible Entity of the Mainstream Separately Managed Product, which means it is responsible for the overall governance and compliance of the product. Perpetual does this under The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited Responsible Entity, part of the Perpetual Group. ABN 45 003 278 831. AFSL No 235150.