Market Videos: Opening and Closing Stock Rotation

30 Jan 2020
This video discusses how the opening and closing stock rotations work and will explain how one can jump the queue with one's orders.


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Video Transcript (click anywhere to play)




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Anonymous User

Thanks. I liked the loom format. Please do more of the same.

Jenny G.

Hi Shannon,
Thanks for that. I think more of these type of quick, informative videos would be great. Agree that the background noise was and issue, but there are many easy ways to fix that.

Shannon Rivkin

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for the feedback. We’ll make an effort to do more and more of these types of videos.

Michael & Lisa T.

Hi Shannon,
I’m still getting familiar with the new site and stumbled across educational item.
Thanks for the explanation, it was useful short and to the point.

Shannon Rivkin

Hi Michael and Lisa,

Thanks for the feedback – I plan on doing these on a regular basis so if there’s anything you would like covered be sure to let me know.

Shannon Rivkin

Steve D.

Be better if someone told the office staff to be quiet during your recording session

Shannon Rivkin

Hi Steve,

I have ordered a noise-cancelling microphone which will hopefully improve the sound and will endeavour to come into the office earlier to have a quieter environment to record in.

Shannon Rivkin

Daniel P.

love this. great work

Shannon Rivkin

Hi Daniel,
Thanks so much for the feedback. Be sure to let us know if there are any other topics you would like us to cover.

We are glad you liked it

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