Expert Stock Selection, Executed Through SMAs

We manage every aspect of your stock market portfolio,
focusing on optimal stock selection and execution to optimise


Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) are investment portfolios where each investor owns individual securities, unlike a pooled fund. This approach offers direct ownership of stocks, bringing unique benefits like specific tax considerations and full portfolio management. SMAs provide a bridge between the customisation and control of direct investing and the expertise of professional fund management


Large-cap, high dividend stocks with allocation to defensive takeovers.

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A growth focused portfolio, providing opportunities in both the Australian and US markets.

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An “all weather” approach that invests in multiple asset classes.

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Rivkin Investment Strategy

Expert Management

Our team actively manages your portfolio, ensuring optimal stock selection and execution. With Rivkin, you're not just choosing a portfolio; you're gaining a partner dedicated to optimising your investment's performance.

Direct Ownership

With our SMAs, you experience the benefits of direct share ownership, including receiving dividends directly and enjoying unique tax advantages.

Transparency and Control

Our approach ensures you have complete transparency and control over your investments, allowing you to monitor and make informed decisions with clarity.

How It Works

Select Your Portfolio

Choose from our range of expertly crafted portfolios, including Income, Growth, and Multi strategies, each designed to cater to different investment goals and market conditions.

Leave Management to Apex

Once you've selected your portfolio, Apex takes over the management. They serve as the appointed custodian and administrator, handling asset holdings and overseeing all investor transactions, ensuring your portfolio is managed with precision and care.

Review Your Results

With Rivkin's expertise and the partnership with Apex and Perpetual, you can effortlessly monitor the progress of your investments. Enjoy the transparency and control that comes with direct share ownership, and watch your financial growth unfold.

Our Approach

Balanced Portfolio Strategy

A diversified approach, adaptable to include international exposure.

Partnership with Apex and Perpetual

Trusted management with significant assets under supervision.

Rivkin’s Expertise

Over 120 years of combined experience in the stock market, prioritising honesty, transparency, and simplicity.

Ready to Start Your Investment Journey?

Take the first step towards financial growth with Rivkin. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in choosing a portfolio that effectively executes your investment strategy.

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