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Customised to individual preferences, the Rivkin Report is an essential tool with general advice for investors across all levels of experience, from first timers to seasoned traders.

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Five premium portfolios



ASX Event

Invests in corporate actions.  Aims to identify low risk, market neutral opportunities such as takeover arbitrage. 

Performance is significantly less reliant on the direction of the broader stock market.  

Opportunities can come at any time. 

ASX Growth

For investors wanting to grow their initial capital via share price appreciation.

Systematic technical and fundamental analysis to formulate a concentrated portfolio of ASX200 stocks.  

Portfolio changes once a month. 

US Growth

For those wanting exposure to US listed shares, with desire to grow initial capital via share price appreciation.

Systematic technical and fundamental analysis to formulate a concentrated portfolio of S&P100 and Nasdaq100 stocks.  

Portfolio changes only required once a month. 


ASX Blue Chip

Generates returns from a combination of share price growth and income.

Holds the largest dividend paying stocks from the ASX50, covering the largest 50 companies by market capitalization.  

Portfolio changes only required once a month. 

ASX Income

Our lowest risk portfolio, for investors seeking a steady income stream with less risk than dividend paying shares.

Achieved by holding a portfolio of hybrid securities and typically paying distributions on a semi-annual basis.  

Relatively passive portfolio with changes required a few times a year. 


The Standard Risk Measure (SRM), is based on industry guidance and it is not a complete assessment of all forms of investment risk. it does not take into account the impact of ongoing fees, tax or the likelihood of a negative return or an investor’s personal needs and financial situation.



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Check out  the ASX Uptrending Stocks

Stock prices go through cycles of uptrends, sideways consolidation, and downtrends. Success in the stock market can be significantly enhanced by limiting investments to those stocks that are currently trending upwards.

Click below to see all stocks within the S&P/ASX 100 that are currently within an uptrend, as defined by Rivkin’s proprietary model.

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We have over four decades of experience assisting Australian investors and are committed to leading the retail stockbroking experience in Australia.

The Rivkin Report was created to bridge the gap between the expensive, exclusive club of full-service brokers and everyday self-directed investors, providing not only excellent stock reports but also education and support.

We’re here to help self-directed investors of all types, from beginner to experienced. Over 70% of our current clients have been investing with us more than 10 years.

We aim to make it as easy as possible for clients to view and understand performance. All members have access to our executed trades information where they can find the actual date, entry and exit price for every recommendation across every portfolio over time.

It’s important to understand that this is only a guide and that your performance will differ as aspects such as the portfolio size, timing, entry and exit price and brokerage costs affect performance figures. Please note that past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Apart from our ASX Event strategy, all our portfolios employ systematic trading methodologies. They’re designed by our investment management team, who have tested a number of investment criteria depending on the portfolio’s objective (e.g. growth/income). The evaluation includes over 20 years of simulated results, giving us a good understanding of the frequency of trading and how each portfolio would behave at different market stages. We’re focused on continuous improvement, so changes might be applied as per our investment team’s discretion.

You’ll need to define the amount you’re willing to invest and consider your own investment objective to pick the strategy that best suits your needs. Please note that our model portfolios assume an equal investment amount of $5,000 for each trade recommendation. Premium membership provides access to detailed portfolio and trade information so you can build your own portfolio. Remember, we’re a phone call away if you have any questions.

Rivkin holds Australian Financial Services Licence No. 332 802 and complies with all ASIC and federal regulations applicable within the extent of our licence. For more information, please refer to our Financial Services Guide and company policies.