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Thomas Silitonga
Director of Rivkin Private Wealth

Rivkin Private Wealth Management

Managed Solutions for Lasting Value

$250 million

funds under management.

Over 120 years

of combined experience in the Investment Team

Premium Personalised Service

Broad Offering

from equities, property funds, private equity opportunities.

Current Private Wealth Management Solutions

Our comprehensive pool of managed wealth solutions is designed to preserve and grow wealth while managing risk.


We’re focused on meeting our clients’ expectations of financial return, portfolio diversification and risk management.

At Rivkin we invest our own money alongside our clients. We’re focused on long-term results for capital preservation and growth with risk-adjusted models for market volatility.

Our asset management solutions offer a range of products for a variety of investment needs, benefiting from the growth of stock-markets in Australia and the US.

Managed Accounts

Low Volatility

A diversified portfolio that invests across four negatively correlated asset classes.

Local Balanced

A portfolio of listed Australian equities with a focus on quality and momentum characteristics.

Defensive Income

A diversified portfolio of Australian equities, combining strategies focusing on generating income, event-driven opportunities and stocks with attractive value multiples.

Short Term Opportunities

An ecosystem that integrates a comprehensive pool of
managed wealth solutions to preserve and grow the wealth of our clients.

Unlisted Managed Funds

Australian Equity Fund

Aims to produce positive average annual returns while seeking to maintain a level of volatility lower than that of the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index.

Global Equity Fund

Aims to produce positive average annual returns while seeking to maintain a level of volatility lower than that of the S&P100 and Nasdaq100.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is only available to wholesale clients. Please check the relevant requirements to know if you qualify.

We believe that diversification benefits investors in achieving their’ goals and mitigating risks. We’ve chosen to partner with experienced firms, bringing a wide range of solutions and multiple assets together for the benefit of investors.

We partner with Belay Capital to offer private equity opportunities, investing in unlisted companies with great potential. Unlike venture capital, private equity typically invests in companies further along in their life cycle.

We continue to review new opportunities in response to our clients’ needs. Some examples of our opportunities include:

Sunshine Hospital

• Strong potential and growth around the health care sector in Australia, which is strongly supported by government policies

• Staged approach to growth at the centre of the Sunshine Health & Wellbeing Precinct with low competition in the area

• Proven Senior Management team

Please note this offer has now closed. For more information please contact us.

Maths Pathway

• Increasing interest on the EdTech sector on a post Covid-19 world

• End-to-end in-school teaching system, supported by a comprehensive SaaS platform in a market largely untapped

• Lesser risk ok illiquidity for being an existing business

Please note this offer has now closed. For more information please contact us.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is only available to wholesale clients. Please check the relevant requirements to know if you qualify.

Complex product warning: Private Equities is considered a complex product. Complex products carry significant risk and are not suitable for all investors. We recommend seeking professional advice to ensure trading or investing in such products is appropriate for you.

With decades of experience in commercial property investment, we believe in this asset class and its excellent prospects in the current landscape. Our members have access to this wholesale opportunity, investing alongside us and sharing success over time.

We’re always reviewing new opportunities in response to our clients’ needs. We partner with leading commercial property agents in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to offer the Rivkin Wholesale Property Fund.

Rivkin Wholesale Property Trust

The Trust aims to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long term through exposure to a portfolio of Australian commercial property assets.

Target return: 10% p.a. over the long-term (distributions and capital growth)

We consider a property’s suitability for the current climate, often selecting empty or end-of-lease commercial suburban real estate. We anticipate a strong recovery in Australia following the significant fiscal and monetary stimulus. In addition, we expect strong rental growth from our portfolio, based on target investment areas.

Please note that this offer is currently open. For more information please contact us.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is only available to wholesale clients. Please check the relevant requirements to know if you qualify.

Rivkin Private Wealth Management FAQs

These products are only available for wholesale clients. To qualify as a wholesale investor, you need to obtain a certificate issued by a qualified accountant that verifies you meet one of the following criteria:

  • I am investing $500,000 or more into an opportunity, reference to section 708(8)(a) or (b) or 761G(7)(a) of the Corporations Act; or
  • I have net assets of at least $2.5 million, or I have a gross income of $250,000 or more for each of the last 2 financial years
  • I control a company or trust and meet one of the requirements listed above
  • I am a “professional investor” or a “sophisticated investor” as defined in the Corporations Act

The minimum investment amount is AU$500,000.

Our investment strategies are designed for long term results (3 to 5 years). However, clients can withdraw their investment at any time.

However, you are free withdraw your investment at any time.

For smaller amounts, contact us or click here to explore our retail managed investments

Most of our trades are conducted through CMC Markets, except for the Rivkin Global Equity Fund which uses Macquarie.

We use a variety of tactical investment strategies, drawing on the experience of our investment team.

We give clients a secure login to view their accounts, track their investments and generate relevant reports.

We’re easy to contact to meet our clients’ needs and address any concerns.

Managed Accounts:

  • Client retains full ownership of the securities
  • Full visibility over account holdings and transactions
  • Access to your money- just a phone call away
  • Fair Fees

Unlisted Managed Funds:

  • Unitised structure – using pooled funds
  • Ease of tracking investment value though a single number (unit price)
  • Lower trading costs
  • Access to your money – just a phone call away
  • Fair Fees

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Meet Our Team

Private Wealth Management Team

Thomas has over 13 years of experience and has grown the assets under management to over $250m across multiple asset classes including Private Equity and Commercial Property during his time at Rivkin. He prides himself on exceptional client service and the ability to evaluate exclusive and profitable solutions to any client’s circumstances. 

Thomas Silitonga
Private Wealth Director

Joining Rivkin’s Private Wealth team in 2021, Sean works closely with Thomas to ensure flawless client service. Sean holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from UTS, where he majored in law, and has 5 years experience working in a service-based role, where his main focus was to provide informed solutions and adapt to client needs. 

Sean Darwell
Private Wealth Adviser

Ryan Farlow
Private Wealth Associate

Nikos has over 20 years of investment and financial market experience and has previously held senior roles at firms such as CBA, Westpac, and CMC. Nikos is a senior member of the Rivkin Investment Committee, where he focuses his expertise on US stocks and strategies as well as hedging, options and the use of leverage.

Nikos Enginertan

Shannon started his career in the family business in 2001 as an Investment Analyst. He has since completed a Diploma in Financial Markets and was appointed Chief Investment Officer (CIO) in 2005. With over two decades of investment and financial market experience, Shannon has made Rivkin what it is today.

Shannon Rivkin
Chairman & CIO

Over the past 20 years, Dion has developed an understanding of how to trade in domestic and global markets. He is an Accredited Derivatives Adviser and is a specialist in ETO (Options). Dion manages the discretionary trading for Rivkin’s wholesale client’s funds where he regularly outperforms the market.

Dion Rivkin
Head of Dealing

Oliver joined Rivkin in 2010 and has 15 years of experience in financial markets. His role has since broadened to the majority of Rivkin's investment products. Today, he is responsible for the portfolio management of our wholesale ASX and US equity funds, as well as our wholesale managed accounts. 

Oliver Gordon
Sr. Portfolio Manager

James began his career in 2013 after completing a bachelors in commerce. He has worked in investment management and private banking while obtaining his Masters in Applied Finance. His skills include, but are not limited to, equities, foreign exchange, and derivatives, with a focus on quantitative investment strategies.

James Woods
Portfolio Manager

Gregory Freckman
Head of Compliance

Rivkin has been guiding Australian investors for over 23 years. Rivkin is proud of our values of family, honesty, transparency, respect, and simplicity. When you invest with Rivkin you benefit from proactive client service as well as access to our actively managed portfolios which are designed and managed by our highly experienced team of experts.

Rivkin currently manages over $250m in these portfolios. The investment team has combined experience of over 120 years, and the current team has an average of 17 years of industry experience each.


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