Why Rivkin?

Rivkin has been in business for over 20 years and by investing alongside us, our clients get access to an actively-managed portfolio of companies in sectors and countries which are designed and managed by highly experienced investment management professionals. Our values of family, honesty, openness, respect and simplicity sit at the heart of our Asset Management business. We regularly ask ourselves, “would we happily recommend this investment to our mother, brother, uncle or best friend?”

Our Asset Management solutions are perfect if you don't have the time or inclination to perform the rigorous due diligence necessary to manage your own portfolio, from stock selection to execution of trades. These products are available for wholesale investors which generally requires an initial investment of around $500,000 to qualify.

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Managed Funds


Rivkin’s offering includes two unlisted managed funds structured as unit trusts. The unit trust structure of the managed funds provides the benefit of lower trading costs and a transparent view of the value of your investment through a single number (the unit price) that allows investors to easily track their investment value.

There are two options for those wanting to invest in a managed fund, the first, the Rivkin Australian Equity Fund, invests in predominantly Australian equities while the second, the Rivkin Global Equity Fund, invests predominantly in global developed market equities and specifically excludes Australian equities.

Managed Accounts


Rivkin’s offering also includes a managed account service where the client retains full ownership of the securities in the account. Compared to the managed funds, the managed account structure provides the benefit of full visibility over the account holdings as well as trades placed and the peace of mind of having the shares held in your own name. Managed account clients simply open an account in their name and appoint Rivkin as the manager of the investment strategy. You maintain 24/7 access to your account.

This fully managed solution is for large investors with A$3.5 million or more seeking exposure to one or many of our investment models. The two investment models we have available are an Australian Equities strategy that maintains exposure to predominantly Australian Equities and a Low Volatility strategy that is specifically designed to produce a steady return with the minimum possible fluctuations in account value.

Invest with Confidence

Let our investment team, with a combined 100 year investment experience, manage your assets

Strong Returns

As an active manager, we seek to provide returns that match or beat comparable markets using less risk

Preserve Capital

We aim to retain robust account values to capitalise on strong future returns

Manage Volatility

Managed strategically, share prices can perform with far less volatility than the indices they occupy

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