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Integrate your experience with a Rivkin stockbroking account.

Take advantage of our low-cost linked trading accounts to fully integrate with your Rivkin membership portfolio. These can be either international or domestic trading, or a combination of both. With trading in Australian equities2 starting at just $9.90 per trade (or .11% whichever is the greater) and no hidden fees, you can be sure of receiving consistently competitive rates, no matter how you prefer to trade – online, over the phone or using our SMS PushTrade (TM) service. Need some advice? We offer complimentary phone service with unlimited dealing support, so if you have any trouble navigating the platform, one of our friendly team will happily walk you through it. In particular you may like to take advantage of our help to link your investment advice accounts, walk you through placing your first trade and how to navigate the members home or any other questions you may have.

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Make the way you trade even easier in just three steps.


We provide you with advice and investment strategies that you can tailor to your needs.


We make following that advice easier, by eliminating the hassle of having to place and manage trades yourself. Your time is valuable, so we’ve simplified the process of placing trades through our PushTrade service.


One of our analysts sends you a new trade recommendation via a text message. To accept, you simply press a button and we’ll automatically place the trade for you.

We’ll then send you a confirmation message stating that the trade was placed. We also include any commentary about the set-up including the instrument, entry type, order size, stop loss placement and target.

See PushTrade in action