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Our Story

Providing Australian investors with sound investment advice for over 21 years.

Rivkin began in 1997, offering general ASX stock market advice to investors through a weekly publication named 'The Rivkin Report'. We’ve now been providing Australian investors with sound investment advice for over 21 years.

We have since become a diversified financial services brand, offering research and general advice on local and global markets, asset management for wholesale investors1, stockbroking and contracts for difference (CFD)2 dealing, as well as self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) administration and general accounting services.
One simple aim is shared among Rivkin and our members: to help fund better lifestyles.

We are able to do this through the shared goal of wealth creation.

When you join Rivkin, you become part of our investment ‘family’ along with our owners and employees. We all have the same access to the same investment portfolios and products. We all pay the same low rates, and we are all focused on trading profits (nett of fees).

This philosophy of trading alongside our members, as one big family, creates transparency, as all live positions held and traded by our model portfolios are reported in the members’ section of this website.

As our business continues to grow, we measure our success by the growing wealth and improved lifestyles of our family of members.
A Rivkin membership offers a raft of unique benefits.

You will enjoy unparalleled access to our investment experts and a comprehensive range of investment portfolios and products, as well as advice and regular trade recommendations.

Our goal is to help our members create, grow and protect their wealth by providing strategies designed to grow your wealth, advice from our investment experts, a broad range of investment portfolios and regular trade recommendations.

All of these benefits are available for just a single membership fee.

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Meet Our Experts

Alex Lac

Investment Account Manager

Alex Single

Investment Account Manager

Arslan Pekgozlu


Charity Bru


Charles Odontuyaa

Investment Account Manager

David Taylor


Dion Rivkin

Director Dealing

Gregory Freckmann


Luke Bell

Senior Investment Account Manager

Maggie Horwood


Nikos Enginertan


Oliver Gordon

Portfolio Manager

Scott Schuberg


Shannon Rivkin

Director Investments

Thomas Silitonga

Director, Asset Management

We aim to protect your money

3 ways Rivkin helps you manage risk:

Risk-adjusted Returns3
Of course, we aim to achieve you good returns but, most importantly, the right risk-adjusted returns.

We don't just give stock tips, but a comprehensive portfolio to minimise the volatility of your assets during tough times.

We've teamed with organisations to protect your money during the end-to-end investment process.


Rikvin Securities has been around over 20 years , beginning as a team of advisers who were committed to improving the retail stockbroking experience in Australia. The company was established by Rene Rivkin in May 1997 during a period when online brokers were democratising stockbroking for all Australians. With the help of emerging online brokers like CommSec, the Rivkin Report bridged the gap between the expensive, exclusive club of full service brokers and everyday self directed investors, helping them to decide what to invest in.
We are here to help all self directed investors. You can simply select the areas you need support with and, depending on your investment amount, you can select the level of investment advice you need. Over 70% of our current clients have been investing with us more than 10 years.Most of our clients start their investment journey with us by using one of our pre-set investment portfolios along with our support to the place their trades for the first couple of years. This happens through our phone trading or PushTrade (TM) service and allows you to have control of your trading but with peace of mind that all trade execution will be done correctly by us. This is one of the most cost effective ways for new investors to start their investment journey.As your investible funds grow you may require more diversified and complicated execution to ensure you are achieving a better risk adjusted return for your portfolio. At this time, you could consider utilising one of our managed products such as our asset managed funds or individually managed accounts.
All clients (and anyone with a current FREE trial) have access to our executed trades information. There they can find the actual date, entry price and exit price for every recommendation across every portfolio that happened over the last 10 years.We aim to make it as easy as possible for clients to view these performance summaries, however it is important to understand how each are calculated. For example, we have over 3000 clients following our investment advice using different brokers (effects costs) and although some are utilising Rivkin and our linked platforms to execute trades, others are executing trades themselves (effects timing, entry and exit price). In some cases our performance updates take into account the trading cost of our platforms and sometimes they provide pure returns from trading, without any consideration of cost so that clients following the trade recommendations can overlay their own platform cost over the performance of individual trades.
Apart from our ASX Event strategy, all our strategies employ systematic trading methodologies 5. They are created by our investment management team and tested over a year before implementation. The evaluation includes over 20 years of simulated results which gives us a good understanding of the frequency of trading and how each of the strategies would behave during market volatility and a downturn. While there is always a focus on continuous improvement, our strategies are not updated or changed more than once a year.
Please use our "Build my portfolio tool" to select from our pre-set investment portfolios, or your own mix of strategies to understand the cost, volatility and returns for your allocated funds. You can view back-tested results over multiple years, and based on this performance, you can also see possible future returns. Noting of course, that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
ASIC is our regulator and we are a member of Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

Why Choose Rivkin?

Over 21 years of experience is securing the financial futures of our clients

We have now established a diversified financial services brand. Further to offering research and general advice on local and global markets, we also specialise in asset management for wholesale investors, stockbroking and contracts for difference (CFD) dealing, as well as self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) administration and general accounting services.

We truly believe in our aim to fund better lifestyles.

We achieve this aim by aligning the interests of our owners, employees and members by running live model portfolios and trading alongside each other. We all pay the same great rates offered by Rivkin’s dealing service, and we are all focused on trading profits.This philosophy and practise of trading alongside members as one big family produces a core of transparency, whereby all live positions held and traded by Rivkin’s model portfolios are reported in the ‘Local’ and ‘Global’ areas of the members’ website.It also means we can produce a track record that is indisputable, as the profits, losses and fees are generated directly from the live accounts that trade our strategies.

The love and respect that Rivkin has for its members is evident through the relationships we share with them.

Many of our members have been with us since the beginning. As our business grows, we measure our success by the growing wealth and improving lifestyles of our family of members.

Trusted Partners

Over the years we have established relationships with market leading companies such as CMC, SAXO, Perpetual, and Mainstream to ensure that you can access market leading services as part of your investment journey.