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Since 1997, Rivkin Report has been your trusted guide in the investment world, offering effective stock picks and diverse investment portfolios. We simplify the investment process, helping independent stock traders effortlessly design, set up, and manage their share portfolios.

Absolute Returns

Navigate significant stock changes and uncover growth opportunities in dynamic markets.

Growth Portfolios

Explore diverse Australian and U.S. stocks for robust growth and capital gains.

Income Portfolios

Achieve high income with low volatility, ideal for the passive investor.

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

Looking for a more effortless investment strategy? Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) offer a complete package. Our skilled team handles all aspects, from executing trades to managing your investments, making sure your portfolio performs as expected while you simply monitor its progress.

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About Rivkin Report

Our Mission: Simplifying the
Investment Process

At Rivkin Report, we believe that investing shouldn't be complicated. That's why we have been providing informative reports and valuable resources to independent stock traders since 1997.

Our mission is to empower investors with the right tools, insights, and guidance to navigate the complexities of the stock market.

New to Investing? Discover the Rivkin Difference

Insights into Trusted Portfolios

Rivkin emphasises transparency and trust in our portfolio selection. We provide clear, concise information about the portfolios we believe in, helping you understand their potential without overwhelming details.

Guidance Through Every Step

Whether you're setting up a new brokerage account or looking to optimise an existing one, Rivkin is here to assist. We aim to make the process clear and straightforward, helping you choose a portfolio that meets your needs and guiding you through any necessary steps.

Keeping You Informed in a Changing Market

The investment landscape is always shifting. Rivkin keeps you updated with regular insights into market trends and general recommendations for portfolio rebalancing, sent directly to you via SMS or email. This approach helps you stay informed and ready to adapt.

Uncover the Ease of Investing in Shares with Separately Managed Accounts

Entrust your portfolio to our experienced team, who will oversee all aspects of trade management and reporting.

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