29 November 2023

In this episode of Virtually Live, Shannon Rivkin covers: Australian Unity (AYUPA), Future Generation Australia (FGX), Liontown Resources (LTR) and more.

In this week’s show

00:24 – Q1: Have AYUPA bought at issue $100 any recommendation income ok capital loss not delighted sell or hold?  

05:19 – Q2: Is FGX in terminal decline, or perhaps an opportunity for the income portfolio?

08:43 – Q3: Appen is in the doldrums lately after hitting 40 dollars in the past, how do you see their future?

11:34 – Q4: I have been surprised at the weakness in Liontown Resources (LTR) after it had a bid at $3.00 only recently. Why do you think it is falling so hard?

15:40 – Q5: With the scheme meeting for Origin (ORG) now delayed, do you think the odds of the deal succeeding have improved?

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