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We truly believe in our aim to fund better lifestyles.

We have now established a diversified financial services brand. Further to offering research and general advice on local and global markets, we also specialise in asset management, stockbroking, and self-managed superannuation fund administration.

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The Rivkin Report

From model portfolios to trading strategies, we support investors that are buying their first stocks to seasoned traders.

Rivkin Managed Investments

An ecosystem of actively managed solutions for multiple investment needs. Handover the legwork to our team of experts.

Rivkin Super

With our Self Managed Super Funds, enjoy the greater flexibility and tax-effective access to funds.

Leave the paperwork to us.

Rivkin Partner Solutions

Intermediaries access to our advice and portfolio’s through world class technology. Our partners clients grow their wealth with support from Rivkin.

The Rivkin Report

Rivkin provides model portfolios, designed for self-directed investors looking for general advice to trade in the Australian and US markets, while saving time and costs. Subscribe to Rivkin Portfolios and you will receive timely updates and full support from your account manager.


ASX Event

The ASX Event Portfolio is our longest-running strategy that invests in corporate actions.

Usually, this takes the form of takeovers from which we hope to make a low-risk arbitrage profit.



* Past performance is not a guarantee to future performance. The event trade portfolio expected return was calculated as an average return from past trades 14/06/2016 to 15/02/2021. Please note that some trades were done purely based on franking credit benefits. To learn more please go to ASX Event Portfolio.

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Rivkin Managed Investments

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