2023 Market Overview: Separately Managed Accounts Impact and Performance

Last update - 7 February 2024 By James Woods

In this webinar, our Senior Portfolio Analyst, James Woods, delivers a thorough examination of 2023 market moves, offering a comprehensive review and analysis including an assessment of Rivkin's Portfolio Performance.

Our expert will share insights into the strategic outlook for 2024, offering informed decision-making and risk mitigation for your new year. Delve into insights on asset allocation, navigating through our SMA Model Portfolio.

This webinar covers the following topics:

  1. Comprehensive Review of 2023 Market Moves
  2. Portfolio Evaluation and Performance Assessment
  3. The Strategic Outlook for 2024
  4. Insights into Asset Allocation: Navigating our SMA Model Portfolio
  5. An interactive Q&A session

Important Notice:

Click here to download the Product Disclosure Statement for Apex Managed Accounts.

Rivkin does not ever provide personal financial advice. Please consider your own circumstances before purchasing any of our products or acting on our general advice, for any Rivkin product or recommendation.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Investing and trading carry financial risk, when judging performance please consider the different types of investments and levels of risk associated.


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