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  • Education Hub: extensive library for all levels of experience

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  • Live Webinars: where our experts share valuable insights and strategies

Rivkin Report Member - Your Path to Investment Success
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  • 6 Model Portfolios for Income and Growth

  • In-Depth Stock Analysis: identify potential investment opportunities

  • Q&A sessions with our CIO, Shannon Rivkin

  • Assistance in setting up your brokerage accounts, if needed

  • A dedicated Market Analyst and Relationship Manager


What fees are involved?

The Rivkin Report subscription is $860 when paid annually, or $75 a month when paid monthly.Your broker may charge you brokerage fees to buy and sell shares.

Is the cost of the Rivkin Report tax deductible?

As at May 2023, the ATO allows for the deduction of specialist investment journals and subscriptions. Please check with your accountant for information regarding your personal situation.

Is there a minimum lock-in period?


What support does Rivkin provide?

We will provide you with a dedicated relationship manager, who provides help and general advice at every step of your investment journey.

Is the value of US Investment Portfolios affected by fluctuations in the AUD/USD?

Yes, US shares are purchased and sold at the current AUD/USD exchange rate.

What happens if I miss a rebalance?

If you happen to miss a rebalance, your portfolio may not track the Rivkin Investment Portfolio. You can use our Push Trade service to ensure a rebalance is never missed.

How often can I have a portfolio review?

When you become a Rivkin Report Member, you can request a review of your current share portfolio. This review will compare the sector weightings of your portfolio to those of the ASX200.

What’s included with the Rivkin Report?

The Rivkin Report offers access to several services-

  • Our flagship ASX Events Portfolio, watch list and fortnightly webinars
  • Growth Investment Portfolios of Australian and US shares
  • Income Investment Portfolios of Australian and US shares
  • Weekly Q&A with our CIO, Shannon Rivkin
  • Stock updates and daily market analysis
  • Dedicated one-on-one support for your investment journey
  • Exclusive investment opportunities reserved for members
  • 10 % discount with our accounting partner, Arum
  • A portfolio review upon joining

What is the minimum investment amount?

We generally suggest a minimum investment of $2,000 per share.

Do I have to follow 100% of the rebalance instructions?

We do suggest that clients follow the rebalance instructions if they want to replicate the Investment Portfolio. However, this is in no way an obligation.

Can I receive personal advice from a Rivkin specialist?

No, Rivkin does not provide personal advice. Our advice is general advice only.

How do I purchase US shares?

Please check with your stockbroker to open an US trading account.

When are the Rebalance Dates for the Investment Portfolios?

On the 1st of each month - US Growth and ASX Blue Chip On the 15th of each month – ASX GrowthAd hoc – ASX Events and ASX Income

Is there a charge for the Push Trade Service?

No, this service is free of charge.

What do I do if I need to cancel my membership?

Please call us on 02 8302 3600 to speak with your relationship manager.

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