Last update - 2 February 2024 By James Woods

While not a current holding within any portfolios, as one of the “Magnificent 7”, Apple is a widely followed stock. Shares have edged 1.63% lower in after-hours trading following the latest earnings report.

In its latest earnings report for the first fiscal quarter, Apple’s total revenue edged up by 2.1% to $119.6 billion, slightly above analysts’ predictions of 118 billion, indicating a broader resilience in its global operations. The iPhone delivered a 6% revenue increase to $69.7 billion, compared with estimates of $68.6 billion. While first-quarter profit climbed 16% to $2.18 a share, topping forecasts of $2.11. This uptick in sales helped Apple dodge what would have been its fifth consecutive quarter of declines, a scenario not seen since the 1990s.

Apple Inc. encountered a challenging quarter in China, with sales in the region falling 13% to $20.8 billion below the forecasted $23.5 billion, marking its weakest December quarter in the region since early 2020. This underperformance highlights the challenges Apple faces

On the innovation front, Apple is preparing to enter the virtual and augmented reality space with its Vision Pro headset, marking its most significant new product category since 2015. Additionally, CEO Tim Cook’s announcement of upcoming artificial intelligence features signals Apple’s intent to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Despite the after-hours share price dip, Apple’s diverse product selection and innovation into new technologies underscore its efforts to adapt and grow in a complex global market. However, its struggles in China and the cautious outlook for the coming quarter highlight the uncertainties that lie ahead for the tech giant.

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