FX Model Portfolio: About

By Rivkin

About the FX Model Portfolio

The Rivkin FX and Liquid Markets strategy will be provided with ad hoc trade recommendations that could come on any trading day. Typically, we enter a trade using a stop entry, meaning that the price must move in our desired direction before the trade is opened. Each trade comes with a stop loss and target level. The stop loss level is typically updated on a daily basis, and trailed behind the price as it moves in our favour. This has the effect of either reducing risk or locking in profits. There is also a time stop, whereby trade duration is limited to a maximum of 20 days.

How does FX Model work?


Investment Characteristics

The FX trading strategy is based on daily chart analysis, and the individual trades have a typical trade duration of between 4 and 8 days. While this may seem short as compared to our stock market recommendations, it is considerable longer than many other intra-day FX services. The FX strategy is a series of individual trades, meaning trades are managed on their own merits, and not as a portfolio. There will be times when there are quite a few trades open at once, while at other times, activity will be less.


How to Follow This Portfolio

Daily monitoring is required in order to follow the FX Strategy. Each morning, at around 10am, we will publish the new trade recommendations as well as update any stop loss and target levels for current open positions.


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