Investing made easy.

Empowering investors since 1997 with winning stock picks and investment portfolios.

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Share investing made easy.

Empowering investors since 1997 with winning stock picks and investment portfolios.

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Your one-stop-shop for share portfolios

We pride ourselves in helping self-directed equity investors design, set up and manage their share portfolios a simple, straight-forward way so that they can focus on what matters the most to them while having the peace of mind their investments are being monitored.

We stand by our recommendations by investing into each of our investment portfolios. So when you invest with Rivkin, you invest alongside us.

First launched in 1997 as a weekly publication to provide general ASX stock market advice, the Rivkin Report today provides investment portfolios designed to provide absolute returns, growth and income portfolios of Australian and US shares.

Our Members benefit from the 200+ hours our investment team spends each week managing our portfolios as well as curating the most relevant market news and analysis.

Our flagship ASX Events Portfolio

Absolute returns. Low volatility. Performance.

An outstanding track record. Our ASX Events Portfolio has consistently outperformed the ASX 200 since inception in 1997 and has performed even when the broader market is correcting.

ASX Events

Takeover Opportunities.

Rebalance: Discretionary

A proven, low-risk investment strategy.

The investment strategy involves identifying companies which are considering taking over another company or buying back their shares. Both of these activities – or “Events” – affect the value of their shares. The ASX Events Model Portfolio aims to take advantage of the anticipated rise in the shares’ value.

In the case of takeovers, we look for those where there is a firm offer on the table, for example a scheme of arrangement or a bonding offer of some sort from the counterparty to the target company. In taking this approach, we further lower the risk of the Portfolio.

Investment Portfolios for Income and Growth

ASX Income

A low-volatility portfolio with high-yielding shares and hybrid securities.

Listed securities: 5

ASX Blue Chip

Top 10 dividend yielding shares in the ASX 50. adjusted monthly.

Shares: 10

US Growth

Blended Strategy of Technical Analysis and Fundamentals

Shares: 14

ASX Growth

Blended Strategy of Technical Analysis and Fundamentals

Shares: 14


Investing opportunities across a spectrum of volatility, timeframes, global markets, and asset classes

Harness the power of technology

Choosing shares to buy and determining when to sell can be overwhelming. Many professional traders today use technology to constantly analyse large amounts of market data to identify trading opportunities and determine the probability of a certain outcome happening. Simply put, this “data-driven” approach to stock selection is all about trading strategies and back testing.

A wide range of data-driven strategies

Our data-driven strategies focus on achieving Income and Growth for both Australian and US shares.

Data-driven strategies offer many benefits

Unlike the discretionary way of trading, these strategies

  • Rely solely on market data, not gut feelings. So decisions are not blurred by emotions
  • Leverage computer power to constantly analyse market data to make informed stock selection
  • Provide a level of probability around a certain outcome occurring of a certain outcome happening based on an already-configured model

Manage your portfolio with three simple steps


Choose your Investment Portfolios

The first step is to choose the Portfolios you want to follow. Considerations could be your investment objectives (absolute returns, growth or income) and amount. We suggest investing initially $2,000 per share.


Set up a stock broking account, if you do not already have one

You will then need to purchase the shares in the Portfolio(s). You can use the stockbroker of your choice. We can also help you set up a stockbroking account, if required. We are here to help!


Rebalance your Portfolios each month*

To ensure its investment strategy is respected, each Portfolio is rebalanced once a month on its Rebalance Date. This means some shares are sold and others purchased. For the ASX Events Portfolio, shares are purchased and sold on an ad hoc basis. You can choose to receive SMS and/or email notifications for each Rebalance.
* The ASX Events Portfolio is rebalanced on an ad hoc basis.

Simplify the process with our Push Trade service

However, if you don’t want the hassle of placing the individual trades, then our complimentary Push Trade service might be right for you.

Once you have set up this service, you’ll receive a text message on the Rebalance Date asking you to confirm the trades to be placed in line with our modifications to the Portfolio.

All you need to do is simply click to confirm and the trades will automatically be placed for you. And if you don’t already have an account to trade US shares, we can help you set one up!

Q&A with Shannon Rivkin

Have a question for our CIO? Let’s put it to him for our next Virtually Live!

As part of our Rivkin Report Membership, you can have your market questions answered by our CIO Shannon Rivkin every Thursday. Start a free trial today. Some recent questions include:

  • Alice H.

    Do you think the banks are worthwhile investing in at current prices?

  • Dan B.

    Is there ever a time when you would consider taking the cash dividend in leu of the reinvestment option?


What fees are involved?

The Rivkin Report subscription is $860 when paid annually, or $75 a month when paid monthly.Your broker may charge you brokerage fees to buy and sell shares.

Is the cost of the Rivkin Report tax deductible?

As at May 2023, the ATO allows for the deduction of specialist investment journals and subscriptions. Please check with your accountant for information regarding your personal situation.

Is there a minimum lock-in period?


What support does Rivkin provide?

We will provide you with a dedicated relationship manager, who provides help and general advice at every step of your investment journey.

Is the value of US Investment Portfolios affected by fluctuations in the AUD/USD?

Yes, US shares are purchased and sold at the current AUD/USD exchange rate.

What happens if I miss a rebalance?

If you happen to miss a rebalance, your portfolio may not track the Rivkin Investment Portfolio. You can use our Push Trade service to ensure a rebalance is never missed.

How often can I have a portfolio review?

When you become a Rivkin Report Member, you can request a review of your current share portfolio. This review will compare the sector weightings of your portfolio to those of the ASX200.

What’s included with the Rivkin Report?

The Rivkin Report offers access to several services-

  • Our flagship ASX Events Portfolio, watch list and fortnightly webinars
  • Growth Investment Portfolios of Australian and US shares
  • Income Investment Portfolios of Australian and US shares
  • Weekly Q&A with our CIO, Shannon Rivkin
  • Stock updates and daily market analysis
  • Dedicated one-on-one support for your investment journey
  • Exclusive investment opportunities reserved for members
  • 10 % discount with our accounting partner, Arum
  • A portfolio review upon joining

What is the minimum investment amount?

We generally suggest a minimum investment of $2,000 per share.

Do I have to follow 100% of the rebalance instructions?

We do suggest that clients follow the rebalance instructions if they want to replicate the Investment Portfolio. However, this is in no way an obligation.

Can I receive personal advice from a Rivkin specialist?

No, Rivkin does not provide personal advice. Our advice is general advice only.

How do I purchase US shares?

Please check with your stockbroker to open an US trading account.

When are the Rebalance Dates for the Investment Portfolios?

On the 1st of each month - US Growth and ASX Blue Chip On the 15th of each month – ASX GrowthAd hoc – ASX Events and ASX Income

Is there a charge for the Push Trade Service?

The brokerage fee is $15 or 0.11%.

What do I do if I need to cancel my membership?

Please call us on 02 8302 3600 to speak with your relationship manager.

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