ASX Event Performance Update

24 Feb 2020
This is a monthly update of our ASX Event Strategy. All performance information is taken from a live model account that follows all advice as per the strategy but doesn't include brokerage. Performance for the event strategy is reported on a per trade basis whereby we show closed trade performance over the past year.

In total, there have been 12 closed trades during 2019. The seven profitable trades had an average return of 4.37% while the three unprofitable trades had an average loss of -1.90%. These returns include franking credits and are therefore gross returns.

ASX Event Recent Closed Trades

TickerStock NameEntry PriceEntry DateExit PriceExit DateDividendsFrankingGross Return
QMSQMS Media$1.22531/10/2019$1.2221/02/2020$0.013$0.0191.14%
PEAPacific Energy$0.97506/08/2019$1.0718/11/2019$0.015$0.03414.9%
EPWERM Power$2.4522/08/2019$2.4212/11/2019$0.045$0.0552.9%
GBTGBST Holdings$3.8929/07/2019$3.5005/11/2019$0.35$0.152.80%
EAREcho Resources$0.3306/09/2019$0.3316/10/2019$0$00%
CRDCredible Labs$2.1905/08/2019$2.2125/10/2019$0$00.91%
NTCNetcomm Wireless$1.0708/04/2019$1.1001/07/2019$0$02.80%
TMETradeMe Group$6.0711/12/2018$6.0707/05/2019$0$00%
MYOMYOB Ltd$3.3501/01/2019$3.3319/03/2019$0$0-0.60%
TRSThe Reject Shop$2.7516/12/2018$2.7004/03/2019$0$0-1.94%
GXLGreencross Ltd.$5.3611/11/2018$5.3626/02/2019$0.19$0.0815.06%
SMRStanmore Coal$0.9926/12/2018$0.9617/01/2019$0$0-3.15%

*Updated 20 December 2019

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Terry W.

The return you give often looks modest but in reality the profit is over typically 3-4 months. When annualized return is calculated this is often very significant. I realise this view implies our capital is fully utilised. However with your regular Events recommendations it is possible to have a significant amount rolled over regularly. So your gross return undervalues the overall strategy and may give the impression of low returns when annually %10 plus is achievable with some like GBT much more. Maybe you can explain this more in strategy commentary.

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