Rivkin Strategies: Changes to Rebalance Dates

25 Sep 2020
Beginning in mid-October, we will be making a few slight changes to our investment advice, with the aim of simplifying how our strategies are to be followed.

Currently, each of our four systematic strategies,  ASX Momentum and Value, and US Momentum and Value, have their own re-balance date, meaning that there are four different dates during the month. From the middle of October, we will begin to re-balance the two ASX strategies on the same day, which will be the 15th of each month. The two US strategies will also be rebalanced on the same day, which will be the 1st of each month, beginning on the first of November.

The main reason for the change is that many members already follow both strategies, therefore moving to a single re-balance day for both the ASX and US will make it more efficient for members in terms of keeping up to date with the changes. More so, history has shown us that members are much better off following both strategies than just one. Thus, this will help encourage those only following one strategy to now follow both. Value and Momentum, while both monthly ranking systems, select companies in different ways, and often go through periods of good and poor performance at different times. This means that by following both strategies, members should experience a better investment outcome.

To reiterate, all members need to know is that the ASX Value strategy rebalance date will move from the 5th to the 15th (to be the same as ASX Momentum which is already the 15th), and the US value rebalance date will move from the 10th to the 1st (to be the same as the US Momentum which is already on the first).

For ASX Value, we will conduct the normal rebalance on the 5th Of October. The portfolio will then again be checked on the 15th of October, with any changes made, before maintaining the 15th as the re-balance date going forward. For US Value, we will rebalance the portfolio as per the current schedule on October the 10th. However, the next re-balance will be conducted on the 1st of November, after which the 1st will become the set date for US value.

If you need any additional clarification, please email us at [email protected]



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