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Virtually Live: 1st April 2021

1 Apr 2021
In this episode of Virtually Live, Shannon Rivkin covers Apiam Animal Health Ltd (AHX), AGL Energy (AGL), Origin Energy (ORG), Vita Group (VTG), Amaysim (AYS) and fundamental measures to look at when selecting stocks. 

In this week’s show

  • 0:18 – Q1:  Can I please get your thoughts on Apiam Animal Health Ltd (AHX) as long term investment?
  • 3:31 – Q2: Can I get your thoughts on the reasons for the good run by AGL Energy (AGL) and Origin Energy (ORG) over the last week or two?
  • 9:24 – Q3: What are your views on Vita Group (VTG) as a small dividend play?
  • 12:22 – Q4: What should I be looking at when it comes to fundamentals in picking stocks?
  • 15:34 – Q5: What is the overall value of Amaysim (AYS) at the moment?


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New Educational Videos

Members should also watch out for the first of a new series of educational videos that Rivkin plans on producing. These videos will be 3 to-6 minutes in length. We don’t want to inundate members with emails, so you can opt in to receive emails when they are released or you can simply see them on the website. The first one is discussing the opening and closing rotations on the ASX and can be found through HERE.

Rivkin does not take into account your or anyone else’s personal situation in their market and stock commentary. Please keep this in mind when you are taking buy and sell decisions about any of these stocks that are mentioned in our Virtually Lives.

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