Webinar- Blue Chip Portfolio + 3 stocks from our experts to your watchlist

2 Sep 2021
Join Oliver Gordon on our live webinar where he explains how investors can generate income and profit from Australia's largest listed stocks.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Why dividends matter
  2. Dividend yield and franking credits
  3. Rivkin’s Blue-chip strategy
  4. Ranking criteria
  5. Performance
  6. Current portfolio
  7. 3 stocks for your watchlist


  • Why do company dividends franked by differing amounts? As an example, we sometimes see 100% franking, 50% franking, with other dividends not franked at all?

This largely depends on where the profits have come from. Some profits come from trusts and therefore pay no tax, some come from overseas and also pay no Australian tax. In addition, some companies might have losses to offset against profits and therefore don’t pay tax at certain times.

  • How do stock buybacks affect the dividend yield and thus the strategy

A stock buyback reduces the number of shares on issue. Therefore, if a company pays $1bn a year in dividends in total, but the number of shares has been reduced through buybacks, the dividend per share would be higher. The dividend yield would also be higher.

Important Notice:

Rivkin does not ever provide personal financial advice. Please consider your own circumstances before purchasing any of our products or acting on our general advice, for any Rivkin product or recommendation.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Investing and trading carry financial risk, when judging performance please consider the different types of investments and levels of risk associated.



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