Introduction to Options

23 Jul 2020
This is the first of a four part series on Options Trading. Dion is introducing some of the basic concepts in Options trading. It is recommended for members who have no background in options.

Introduction to Options

  • What are options?
  • Call Option
  • Put Option
  • Concept of Exchange Traded Options and pricing

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Daniel P.

well done. very good presentation. in reality, how liquidity is the options market on asx and the brokerage. For small positions like your BHP example the transactions costs may not seem worth it. Looking forward to the next episode. can you spend more time going though the screen on a real trade say BHP and showing us how this work (i.e the volume and premium quoated on the market) as this is quite different to the screen you see when you buy the actual stock. you did show us in the video but for us beginners would be good to… Read more »

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