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26 Jun 2020
An IPO or Initial Public Offering is the process by which private companies list on a stock exchange and become public companies. They can present opportunities for investors to obtain stock in new 'hot' companies at the time when they first become public companies.

IPO’s present both opportunities and risks for investors. Opportunities include the ability to obtain stock in new companies at an early point in their life-cycle and potentially profit from many years of growth. Risks include the fact that these companies typically have limited operating histories which makes an analysis of past performance quite tricky. Furthermore, the process by which the price of a new IPO is determined is not the same process by which the market determines prices for openly traded stocks. This can cause significant gaps in the opening price for a new listing compared to its IPO price.

Some of the prices in the below table can also show Nil dollars. This means the IPO has been announced but no price has been set for this IPO yet.  Don’t forget to frequently check back or subscribe to our IPO updates to see if there is further information for these listings.

Stock codeStock nameExpected ipo dateIpo Price
Manuka Resources Ltd
14 Jul 20$0.20
SSR Mining Inc.
13 Jul 20N/A


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The stocks in the above table are not necessarily a recommendation to buy that stock but rather is for informational purposes. Some investors trade hot IPOs in the hope of earning a ‘stag profit’, which comes when the IPO opens the first day of trading at a price above the IPO price. This can produce a very high annualised return if done repeatedly; however, as always, there are risks. The more popular an IPO is, the harder it is to obtain stock in the IPO. Conversely, when it is easy to obtain stock in an IPO it may mean there is less chance of a stag profit. Investors interested in purchasing stock in one of the above IPOs should contact their broker to find out the availability of stock.


Rivkin does not ever provide financial advice. Please consider your own circumstances before purchasing any of our products or acting on our general advice, for any Rivkin product or recommendation.



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