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US Fundamental Stocks

8 Nov 2019
By Rivkin Securities
Rivkin's fundamental scan is based on a process for evaluating a universe of stocks based on its published financial statements. The ranking is based on two main fundamental criteria: 1. Sustainability of Earnings 2. Return on Capital Employed.

The stocks in the below table are the result of applying Rivkin’s fundamental ranking system to the S&P 500 universe of stocks. The top 15 stocks from this system are shown. This fundamental screen forms the basis for our US Value strategy that is offered as part of our premium subscription Strategies. We believe the stocks in the below table have specific favourable fundamental characteristics, in particular, sustainable earnings and a good return on capital employed. Sustainable earnings are an essential characteristic for a long-term investment as it makes it likely that the company will achieve a steady earnings stream rather than experiencing significant fluctuations in year-to-year results. The return on capital employed is a measure of how efficiently a company can generate a profit from the resources it has at its disposal. For an investor, a higher profit using fewer resources is a more desirable situation than a smaller profit with more resources. These two criteria are combined to produce a list of stocks that we think have favourable prospects.

Stock codeStock nameEntry priceEntered table onCurrent price
AbbVie Inc
$74.334 Oct 19$85.67
Accenture PLC
$186.814 Oct 19$190.09
Align Technology Inc
$258.948 Nov 19$258.66
Arista Networks Inc
$194.448 Nov 19$191.26
Booking Holdings Inc
$1,951.564 Oct 19$1,895.16
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
$57.588 Nov 19$58.16
F5 Networks Inc
$147.628 Nov 19$147.64
Fortinet Inc
$77.814 Oct 19$95.96
Johnson & Johnson
$131.438 Nov 19$131.95
Masco Corp
$42.314 Oct 19$46.16
Altria Group Inc
$45.988 Nov 19$46.41
Robert Half International Inc
$58.108 Nov 19$58.04
Texas Instruments Inc
$119.928 Nov 19$118.07
VeriSign Inc
$185.898 Nov 19$185.75
Yum! Brands Inc
$99.668 Nov 19$98.83

Note that all prices in this table are in USD.

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More about this table

The US Fundamental stocks table is one of a series of informational tables provided for free to give subscribers useful information to inform their trading decisions.  This table is updated weekly and offers clients the most current top value stocks.  Investors and traders who are interested in stocks that have a chance of growing in the medium to long term and want US stock exposure can review the stocks in this table and select the ones they would like to hold from the list.

For a similar table with Australian stocks, please search for our ASX Fundamental stocks table and for a ranking based on technical criteria you could try our US Uptrending stocks table.

Investors who want exposure to US markets and are interested in a trading strategy that utilises the fundamental criteria used above can subscribe to Rivkin’s US Value strategy. This has been backtested to produce a profitable trading system that is easy to implement with trading only required once per month. It holds 10 US-listed stocks that provide excellent diversification to an existing ASX portfolio. Investors interested in such a strategy should look to subscribe to our Strategies product that gives access to our US Value strategy as well as several other strategies.




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