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ASX Event Strategy

29 Jun 2020
The ASX Event strategy is our longest-running strategy that invests in corporate actions. Usually, this takes the form of takeovers from which we hope to make a low-risk arbitrage profit.

Latest Update – 09 June 2020

The following trades are currently open. Please click on the links below to find out more information about each trade.

For specific details of closed trades, please see our closed trades page.

For historical trade updates please click here.

CDV – short term, low risk investment

OPC – medium-risk, short term investment opportunity

OVH – medium-risk arbitrage

IFN – low-risk takeover investment

ZEN – low-risk arbitrage

WND – low-risk arbitrage

PNC – franking credit opportunity

OMN – medium to high risk opportunity

Stock codeStock nameQtyEntry dateEntry priceCurrent priceCurrent valueReturn percentageNotes
Cardinal Resources
8,26423 Jun 20$0.61$0.63$5,206.323.28%
Buy no higher than $0.615
Infigen Energy
6,2503 Jun 20$0.80$0.92$5,750.0015.00%
Buy no higher than $0.91
5,3191 Oct 19$0.94$0.94$4,999.860.00%
Await Payment
Opticomm Limited
93416 Jun 20$5.35$5.11$4,772.74(4.49%)
Buy around $5.30 - No higher than $5.35
OneVue Holdings
13,3339 Jun 20$0.38$0.38$5,066.540.00%
Buy no higher than $0.375
Pioneer Credit
2,7776 Jan 20$1.80$0.28$777.56(84.44%)
Hold at Current Levels
5,1815 Mar 20$0.97$0.99$5,129.192.06%
Await Payment
Zenith Energy
5,2089 Mar 20$0.96$0.99$5,155.923.13%

*Quantities are based on investing $5,000 per stock on the entry date

ASX Event Strategy

The Event strategy targets a reasonably low return (~6% per annum) but with very low risk. All-cash takeover offers are the ‘bread and butter’ of the strategy and can often provide a healthy annualised return with a small chance of failure. Other possible investments include share buybacks where franking credits provide the profit opportunity and different special situations where there may be an arbitrage profit.

How To Follow This Strategy

Rivkin’s strategies are designed to be as easy as possible for investors to follow. To follow the ASX Event strategy, investors need to buy the securities in the above table for which there is still an open recommendation (do not buy into recommendations that contain ‘hold’ or ‘sell’ in the recommendation text column). The volumes shown in this table are based on a $5,000 investment per trade.

About The Strategy

The ASX Event strategy has a history going back to the formation of the Rivkin business but was turned into a formal strategy in 2017. Please click here to find out more about the strategy.

Rivkin does not ever provide financial advice. Please consider your own circumstances before purchasing any of our products or acting on our general advice, for any Rivkin product or recommendation.



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