ASX Value Strategy

5 Dec 2019
As one of our key ASX growth strategies, the ASX Value Strategy buys stocks within the ASX 200. These stocks have fundamentals that show a strong tendency for earnings stability, coupled together with growth potential.

Latest Update – 05 December 2019

This month, we will be making five trades to return the portfolio to a 10 stock portfolio. Wisetech Global (WTC) is still in the stock list this month and we now believe the danger has passed with regard to the short seller attack. Therefore, we will be returning WTC to a full weighting. In addition, Bravura Solutions (BVS) is now in the top ten so this will also be increased to a full weighting. Finally, Lendlease (LLC) and Orica (ORI) will be sold from the portfolio and Aristocrat Leisure (ALL) will be bought. Of the sold stocks, LLC should realise a loss of 1.0% and ORI a loss of 2.3% including the dividend paid.

As a reminder, this strategy rebalances on the 5th of each month (or the next business day if the 5th is a non-trading day). For specific details of closed trades, please see our historical performance page.

Stock codeStock nameRankQtyEntry dateEntry priceCurrent priceCurrent valueReturn percentage
Aristocrat Leisure Ltd
1505 Dec 19$33.24$33.21$4,981.50(0.09%)
Altium Ltd
3295 Feb 18$15.21$35.71$11,748.59134.78%
BlueScope Steel Ltd
4145 Aug 19$12.07$14.94$6,185.1623.78%
Bravura Solutions Ltd
1,0165 Dec 19$4.92$5.02$5,100.322.03%
HUB24 Ltd
3955 Sep 19$12.65$10.36$4,092.20(18.10%)
IDP Education Ltd
3035 Sep 19$16.48$17.88$5,417.648.50%
Netwealth Group Ltd
5619 Oct 19$8.91$7.86$4,409.46(11.78%)
Pro Medicus Ltd
1355 Sep 19$37.17$22.64$3,056.40(39.09%)
REA Group Ltd
675 Mar 18$75.08$103.14$6,910.3837.37%
WiseTech Global Ltd
2495 Mar 19$20.10$25.44$6,334.5626.57%

*Quantities are based on investing $5,000 per stock on the entry date

ASX Value Strategy

We have defined a ‘value’ stock as one that has strong prospects of future share price growth based on a range of fundamental factors. The quality and efficiency of the company’s earnings are a significant part of this analysis. We evaluate several items from the income statement and balance sheet to calculate the Rivkin ‘value score’. On the 5th of each month (or next trading day), our model ranks ten stocks from the ASX 200, providing a list of medium to large-sized companies. This strategy differs from other forms of trading as the portfolio holdings are re-evaluated regularly, in this case, one month. Furthermore, trades are held without an initial stop loss.

How to follow the Strategy

Rivkin’s strategies are designed to be as easy as possible for investors to follow. To follow the ASX Value strategy, investors need to buy the stocks in the above table in equal weights. Weights can drift over time as stock prices move, but we only recommend re-balancing stock weights if they stray too far from the target weight (10% per stock). The stock volumes shown in this table are based on a $5,000 investment per stock which produces a $50,000 portfolio.

Once per month, the list of stocks will be updated in what we call a ‘re-balance’. This means investors will need to look at the new list and sell any stocks that are no longer on the list. After these stocks are sold, the new stocks from the current table can be bought.

About the Strategy

The ASX Value strategy was developed by Rivkin during 2017 and was rolled out as a strategy to clients in February 2018. Extensive back-testing was done to create and refine the strategy, and it is this back-testing that we rely on to give us increased confidence about future expectations. Please click here to find out more about the strategy.

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Ian Guy

Is it possible to have a print option down the left hand side with all the other quick options?

William O'Loughlin

Hi Ian,
We have just implemented this change. The print icon is now available in the left hand quick menu.

Ian Guy

Great job, thanks.

Richard Cook

Up until recently, the Value, Momentum, Event Rebalance Emails were Clear, well laid out and
easy to follow.
Now, the articles are all spread out, much slower to get to and will not print properly.
So, at least on my computer, the rebalance articles are slower to bring up and to
read. Does this mean we have to now live with untidy screens compared to what they were?

Richard Cook

Steve Aldred

Why is BVS not in the stock table? We’ve held for over 3 weeks now.

William O'Loughlin

Hi Steve,
BVS currently doesn’t show in the table as we designed the new website such that ASX Value would always be a 10 stock portfolio. We are currently looking at how to build more flexibility into this so that we can show more stocks if required. In any case, it is likely that at the next rebalance we will be returning to a 10 stock portfolio.

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