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Don't wait to start your SMSF future

There are more than 600,000 self-managed super funds in Australia and the number is growing. This is due to their cost-effective nature and the high levels of control. In short, SMSF investors enjoy greater flexibility and tax effective access to funds, all whilst saving money on administration fees.

And right now, it’s absolutely free for the first year.

Control and combine assets

Invest in property

24/7 transparency

One million Australians manage an SMSF

Why choose an SMSF?

While managing your own superannuation may seem daunting, we’re here to help. Whether your fund is straight-forward, complicated, or anything in between, we can help you.

We’ll get your SMSF up and running as easily as possible by providing you with complete administration, auditing services and sound taxation advice.

What we do

  • Discuss your options with you.
  • Set up the fund and company (if using a corporate trustee).
  • Open banking and trading accounts.
  • Register your fund with the ATO
  • Provide an investment strategy template and other compliance requirements such as trustee declarations.


What you do

  • Make a decision to start and join over one million Australians already taking part in the SMSF revolution.
  • Select a trustee type – either corporate or individual.
  • Provide personal info that we will request from you.
  • Sign and return your documents with certified ID (e.g. Driver’s Licence)

What we do

  • Register your fund by applying for the ABN and TFN (which takes the ATO up to 28 days)
  • Open your banking and stockbroking accounts.
  • Assist you with rolling over any existing super.
  • Provide general local investment advice
  • Provide guidance regarding employer contributions going forward.


What you do

  • While you are waiting for your ABN and TFN to be issued, and for documentation to be processed, you can prepare for the type of investment strategy you would like to implement by familiarising yourself with the Rivkin model portfolios and strategies.
  • Once the accounts are opened, you can instruct your employer to stop contributing to your old fund, and provide new instructions going forward
  • You will also need to contact your super fund and arrange a rollover with our assistance. Note that your fund may apply a waiting time for the rollover, e.g. 14 days.
  • Familiarise yourself with the trading platform and banking and membership websites.

What we do

  • Ensure that all your compliance needs are met and maintain records.
  • Arrange for audits to be completed and lodge your tax returns (including handling payments where required).
  • Keep in touch to ensure that you are meeting regular legal requirements (e.g. minimum pension payments, asset valuations etc.).
  • Publish regular videos from members asking superannuation questions and continue to educate you on various superannuation topics.
  • Be available for any queries you have.


What you do

  • Choose your investments and execute your investment strategy.
  • Use your Rivkin membership to keep up to date on the stockmarket.
  • Contact us if you have any queries about your superannuation (e.g. when you can withdraw, and consequences etc.)
  • Grow your wealth!

When is the right time to start an SMSF?

With members in Australia exceeding 1.1 million, SMSFs now account for around 30% of superannuation assets in Australia and are definitely part of the mainstream.But is an SMSF right for you? In our video, Luke Bell discusses this question with Rivkin's Superannuation and Accounting Director, Charity Bru.Learn about what SMSFs are, their advantages and pitfalls, and obtain a clear understanding to make an informed decision.

When is the right time to start an SMSF?

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