ASX High Dividend Stocks

Last update - 14 June 2024 By Rivkin

Companies return profits to shareholders through two main channels, capital gains and income. A high dividend yield indicates that a company is returning a large amount of cash to shareholders relative to the value of the company. This allows investors to maximise their income received relative to their investment amount.

The below table shows the highest dividend-yielding stocks in the ASX 50 based on their gross dividends. The gross dividend is calculated from the net dividend amount paid to shareholders plus the value of any attached franking credits associated with those dividends. A fully franked dividend will have franking credits equal to 30% of the gross dividend value, which can, therefore, represent a significant source of additional value.


ASX High Dividend Stocks

Stock codeStock nameSectorPriceGross dividendNet dividend yieldGross dividend yield
FMGFortescue Metals Group LimitedBasic Materials$23.42$2.978.91%12.73%
WDSWoodside Energy Group LtdEnergy$27.54$3.067.75%11.08%
DXSDexusReal Estate$6.61$0.527.67%7.97%
APAAPA GroupUtilities$8.38$0.566.62%6.62%
ANZANZ Group Holdings LimitedFinancial Services$28.77$2.236.14%7.72%
GPTThe GPT GroupReal Estate$4.11$0.256.05%6.05%
WBCWestpac Banking CorporationFinancial Services$26.88$2.316.04%8.62%
BHPBHP Group LimitedBasic Materials$43.20$3.355.43%7.76%
RIORio Tinto GroupBasic Materials$120.62$9.345.42%7.74%
STOSantos LimitedEnergy$7.48$0.405.39%5.39%
SCGScentre GroupReal Estate$3.10$0.175.34%5.51%
TLSTelstra Group LimitedCommunication Services$3.53$0.254.95%7.07%
NABNational Australia Bank LimitedFinancial Services$35.01$2.404.79%6.85%
ORGOrigin Energy LimitedEnergy$10.09$0.684.69%6.7%
EDVEndeavour Group LimitedConsumer Defensive$5.07$0.314.31%6.16%
PLSPilbara Minerals LimitedBasic Materials$3.32$0.204.21%6.02%
MPLMedibank Private LimitedFinancial Services$3.72$0.224.17%5.96%
SHLSonic Healthcare LimitedHealthcare$25.25$1.324.17%5.22%
COLColes Group LimitedConsumer Defensive$17.01$0.943.89%5.56%
SUNSuncorp Group LimitedFinancial Services$16.47$0.873.7%5.29%


More about this table

The ASX High Dividend stocks table is one of a series of informational tables provided for free to give subscribers useful information to inform their trading decisions.  This table is updated weekly and offers clients the most current top dividend-yielding stocks in the ASX 100. Investors and traders who are interested in stocks that pay a high dividend and produce an income stream can view this table and select the ones they would like to hold from the list.

Investors should note that the gross dividend yield is based on the total dividends paid over the trailing 12 months divided by the current share price. Due to this being a backward-looking measure, the above table can sometimes include stocks for which the forward dividend yield is known to be much lower (or indeed higher) than the trailing dividend yield.

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