ASX Momentum Stocks

Last update - 24 November 2023 By Rivkin

Momentum is the term used to describe the market anomaly that stocks that have been performing well in the past tend to continue to do so in the future.

The below table ranks all stocks within the S&P/ASX 200 index based on their trailing 12-month share price return and shows the top 15 results. ‘Momentum’ is a well-researched market factor and states that stocks that have out-performed their peers over the medium term tend to continue to outperform over the short-term. Thus by keeping an eye on the stocks within this list, we have a watchlist of potential ideas that will do well over the coming weeks.


ASX Momentum Stocks

Stock codeStock nameSectorCurrent priceReturn 12mRank
EMREmerald Resources NLBasic Materials$2.77115.65%1
NEUNeuren Pharmaceuticals LimitedHealthcare$15.04106.11%2
RMSRamelius Resources LimitedBasic Materials$1.6962.43%3
JHXJames Hardie Industries plcBasic Materials$47.5560.97%4
BLDBoral LimitedBasic Materials$4.9559.03%5
MP1Megaport LimitedTechnology$9.9154.72%6
SVWSeven Group Holdings LimitedIndustrials$31.9452.16%7
PMEPro Medicus LimitedHealthcare$88.7346.67%8
NXTNEXTDC LimitedTechnology$12.8841.7%9
XROXero LimitedTechnology$102.0838.61%10
GMDGenesis Minerals LimitedBasic Materials$1.8436.78%11
PDNPaladin Energy LtdEnergy$1.0035.57%12
EVNEvolution Mining LimitedBasic Materials$4.0732.98%13
GUDGUD Holdings LimitedConsumer Cyclical$10.9132.6%14
INGInghams Group LimitedConsumer Defensive$3.7730.34%15


More about this table

The ASX Momentum stocks table is one of a series of informational tables provided for free to give subscribers useful information to inform their trading decisions.  This table is updated weekly and offers clients the most current top momentum stocks.  Investors and traders who are interested in stocks that have a chance of growing in the medium to long term and want ASX stock exposure can review the stocks in this table and select the ones they would like to hold from the list.

For a similar table with US stocks, please search for our US Momentum stocks table and for a ranking based on fundamental criteria you could try our ASX Fundamental stocks table.

Investors who want exposure to ASX stocks and are interested in a trading strategy that utilises the technical criteria used above can subscribe to Rivkin’s ASX Momentum strategy. This has been backtested to produce a profitable trading system that is easy to implement with trading only required once per month. It holds 5 ASX listed stocks that we think will perform well over a reasonable time horizon (approximately three years). Investors interested in such a strategy should look to subscribe to our Strategies product that gives access to our ASX Momentum strategy as well as several other strategies.

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