08 November 2023

In this episode of Virtually Live, Shannon Rivkin covers: Atomos (AMS), Origin Energy (ORG) and more.

In this week’s show

03:14 – Q1:What do you know about Atomos (AMS)? I was stupid enough to buy some of this stock, not long before they got suspended on the ASX. I thought they were cheap. With 20/20 hind-site, it was anything but cheap. The better description of my decision is “waste of money”! Is AMS likely to be re-listed and has it any future?

06:08 – Q2:What do you think is the most likely out come with the Origin take over ?

09:36 – Q3:After yesterdays rate rise we’ve seen more weakness in the Australian dollar. What industries do you see this impacting the most?

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