BetaShares Global Uranium ETF (ASX: URNM)

Last update - 12 October 2022 By James Woods

BetaShares Global Uranium ETF is an exchange traded fund incorporated in Australia. The fund aims to track the performance of yhe Indxx North Shore Uranium Mining Index (the "Index"), before taking into account fees and expenses. The Index is designed to track the performance of a selection of companies involved in the mining, exploration, development, and production of uranium.

Ticker Long / Short Expected Hold Period Volatility
URNM Long Long-term High

There are several factors pointing to an optimistic outlook for uranium prices, and by extension uranium miners. The increasing need for energy security, the transition to green energy, and the recent embracement of nuclear energy as a viable alternative to fossil fuels and solar/wind points to increasing demand for uranium in the coming years. On the other side of this, there are supply-side constraints after years of underinvestment and low prices. Coupled together, this creates a favorable environment for physical uranium prices, and by extension uranium producers.

For a more detailed look at the underlying fundamentals supporting this view, please see click here.

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