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Director BUY/SELL in focus

5 Mar 2021
Insider buying or selling of securities can signal confidence or pessimism in a company on the idea that insiders are the best-informed group about the financial condition of a company. Looking at insider buying or selling transactions, if significant and without plausible explanation, can be a bullish or bearish signal about the prospects of that company.

The tables below summarise director buying (table 1) or selling (table 2) activity that is either above $500,000 or 0.02% of the total traded value of that stock over the prior month. This may or may not be significant, but it can provide an indication to prospective investors to look further into this activity.

Insider Buying


Stock codeStock nameManagementOther insidersPercentage
BLDBoral Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of building and construction materials in Australia and internationally.
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Boral Ltd
CHCCharter Hall Group invests in and develops real estate.
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Charter Hall Group
MFGMagellan Financial Group Ltd. operates as an investment management company The Company invests in global equities and listed infrastructure.
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Magellan Financial Group Ltd
SKISpark Infrastructure Group invests in utility infrastructure assets in Australia.
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Spark Infrastructure Group

Insider Selling


Stock codeStock nameManagementOther insidersPercentage
RIORio Tinto Limited is an international mining company.
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Rio Tinto Ltd



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The information in this table should not be taken as a recommendation to either buy or sell these stocks but instead should provide the basis for further investigation into this information. Insider buying or selling can be done for legitimate reasons that have nothing to do with the prospects for the company. For example, a director may be selling stock to fund medical expenses.



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