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US Uptrending Stocks

1 Jul 2022
Stock prices go through cycles of uptrends, sideways consolidation, and downtrends. Success in the stock market can be significantly enhanced by limiting investments to those stocks that are currently trending upwards.

The below table lists all stocks within the S&P 100 and Nasdaq 100 that are currently within an uptrend, as defined by Rivkin’s proprietary model. This table is updated each morning. In addition to the stock ticker and name, the table lists the stock’s sector, the date and price at which the current uptrend began, the current price, and the percentage change in the share price throughout the price trend. While this table of stocks can be used in isolation, it is best used as a filtering tool to limit investment to those times that a stock of interest is trending upwards.


Latest Update – 17th June 2022

For today, two stocks, CVX and SIRI, have been removed from the US Uptrending Stocks table.


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To determine when an uptrend is over, we track a stock’s current share price concerning a trailing stop loss. Should the share price close below the trailing stop loss, the uptrend is deemed over, at which point the stock information will be transferred to the below table. This table will log a historical record of when the trend began and at which price, as well as when the trend finished and at which price. This information is shown for the 20 most recent stocks which ended an uptrend.

More about this table

The US Uptrending stocks table is one of a series of informational tables provided for free to give subscribers useful information to inform their trading decisions. For a similar table with Australian stocks, please search for our ASX Uptrending stocks table and for a ranking based on fundamental criteria you could try our ASX Fundamental stocks table.



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